This is a risk-filled world, so, you cannot take for granted the security of your valuable people and assets. Thankfully, Arlo cameras are smart security devices that shoot even the minutest motions happening indoors and outdoors. They are feature-rich designs that provide a lot of facilities such as live view and motion alerts.

No matter how advanced these devices, you are bound to run into technical issues such as camera not connecting with WiFi, live streaming issues, or even configuration problems. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

At ArloAssist, we have experienced technicians who are always on their toes to help you resolve your Arlo-related issues. We are always determined to provide simple and reliable assistance to both advanced and novice users. We provide Setup for the following:

  • Arlo camera connection problem with WiFi
  • Unable to find Arlo captured pictures
  • Having trouble in synchronization
  • Live streaming issues on your smart TV
  • Video transfer is interrupted between devices
  • Looking for improvement in the quality of the captured video
  • Looking for Arlo app configuration Setup on smartphones, desktops, and laptops
  • Cloud service management Setup


On Call

Just give us a call regarding your Arlo camera issue and we will make sure you get an assured fix in a matter of a few minutes.

On Chat

One of our representatives will guide you step-by-step until your Arlo camera related problem is resolved once and for all.

By Email

Write your query to us in detail and we will get back to you shortly after assessing your issues for completely assured fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the camera LED on your Arlo security camera turns amber, it means your device needs a battery replacement.

If the battery doors on your camera are closed and you still not see any active light, it may mean two things: either you have not installed the batteries correctly or you have used dead batteries.

There can be any reason. First off, unplug your camera and then replug it after a short pause. Secondly, make sure you have typed the same SSID and password that you use for your router.

You need basic to advanced knowledge for setting up and managing your Arlo security camera(s). In case of any failure or delay, your security gets compromised. You can avoid any accidental damage to your device and its software as well as get fast and secure Arlo setup by taking help from professionals.

How to get started with Arlo setup?

  • Lift the battery door on your Arlo camera
  • Install batteries in the camera and bring it closer to the base station
  • On the base station, press the Sync button and release it after a couple of seconds
  • Press the button again for two seconds when the status LED turns to green
  • Turn to your camera and see the camera light on it
  • If the camera light blinks rapidly in blue color, your camera is synced completely

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